About You Boutique

Judy Owen


Judy Owen has been in fashion all her life from being a model in her teens to owning and running fashion businesses in the town for many years.  She adores clothes, fabrics and design and nothing gives her more pleasure than giving satisfaction to her customers.

When the idea of starting the shop came to Judy she went online, researched brands and sent hundreds of emails to suppliers all over the world. She got in contact with Vogue magazine and even took a trip to Germany where she found some of the ranges she currently stocks.  Many of the pieces are one-offs ranging in colours and styles, but Judy admits, “I won’t buy anything I don’t like.”


Celebrating Curvaceous Bodies

Curvaceous women have always believed that black is the only colour they can wear.  This is simply not true and in YOU I am going down a route of beautiful colours, particularly tops and tunics, with maybe the classic black pant or straight skirt.  Bespoke fine cashmere and Merino sweaters from Nepal, separates from Denmark, Greece and Germany.  A little black but also a lot of colour.

With a very few exceptions, most of the larger sized ladies shops have left Worcester however the demand is greater than ever.  Not all of us are a twiggy size 10, a perfect size 12.  A shapely size 14/16 is now becoming the norm!  Embrace your curves and show off your shapes.  Be proud of your femininity. Hiding behind a wall of black is not the most flattering look and for professional help Judy is at hand to advise and help.

Since opening, Judy’s customer-base has developed and she has ladies coming from the surrounding counties to find something a little different.  Judy is very conscious of price and has MASAI, SAHARA and JOIN as her house brands. These are very reasonably priced and have great styling and fabrics.  For those looking for more bespoke items Judy looks further afield and keeps a few one off pieces from companies such as GRIZAS, ALEMBIKA and OCHRE cashmere. The stock is changing all the time with new brands being added regularly so do keep an eye on the clothing page.

A shop where service is paramount and every customer is treated as an individual and given personal attention.

Contemporary fashion, for real women.